Blogging is one of the most powerful and user-friendly tools in the SEO arsenal. It’s an easy way to regularly update your website with relevant content, adding more indexed pages to your site and keeping the content fresh, both of which are rewarded by search engines. Blog posts provide you with an opportunity to draw in search traffic for “long tail” keywords—say a related service, or a town that’s in your area but not the main focus of your marketing—that might be not captured by the main pages on your site. By blogging regularly, your site becomes a solid source of information and grows far more visible in search results due to the greater number of relevant keywords associated with your site through your blog archives. Blog posts that rank for long-tail keywords can bring highly qualified traffic to your site.

Blog posts also give your customers considerable benefits. Promoting your blog posts via social media is simple; it engages your customers and keeps them coming back to your site regularly. As an added bonus, all of that sharing and linking develops trust and helps new customers find you. Demonstrating your expertise with content that is informational rather than promotional establishes you as a resource and helps differentiate your business from your competitors. Studies show about 95% of small businesses do not blog regularly, so blogging is a great way to stand out from the pack.

Higher Power SEO can set up a blog that is fully integrated into the design of your website. You’ll get an interface that is easy to use, allowing you to cut and paste from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs and easily create new posts with photos, videos, and more. We can optimize your blog with categories and tags that match your targeted keywords, helping enhance your rankings. Worried about spam? We can set up automated filters that reject spam comments, and let you approve comments before they are published on your site. And if you’re hesitant to do the writing yourself, our professional writers can create timely, relevant, and well-written content—you review and approve it, and we take care of the rest.

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