What matters most to businesses is getting more inbound leads and boosting conversions.  SEO is not just about achieving high rankings, you need to turn clicks and visits into sales. We’re proud of the results our team has been able to produce for our clients–and we want your business to be our next success story. Contact us today to learn more about what Higher Power SEO can do for your company.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the results we’ve gotten for our clients.


The Client: A couples’ counselor in Southern California

The Results: A more than 300% increase in site traffic, #1 organic rankings and top 3 local map results for important keywords, and an average of 10 new leads per day.

The Problem: Low search rankings (#70 for important keywords) and poor online visibility meant few leads–only 10 inquiries per month.

The Solution: On- and off-site optimization, increasing quality site content, and targeting bad links.



The Client: A multi-million dollar outpatient surgery center

The Results: Over 400 inbound leads per month, with the total number of new patients more than doubling each year. The practice ranks for more than a dozen niche keywords, and has a page one ranking for numerous long-tail keywords. The client is growing internationally and opening new offices.

The Problem: Changes in insurance policy eliminated the primary source of new patients, putting the clinic’s future in jeopardy unless they could create an entirely new client base within 6 months.

The Solution: A redesigned website with a strong focus on content, professionally-edited patient testimonial videos, a multi-faceted PPC campaign with highly targeted landing pages.



The Client: A sporting goods retailer.

The Results: Nearly 500% ROI for PPC /Adwords, and the website ranks on page one for more than a dozen competitive, brand name keywords.

The Problem: After spending nearly $250,000 on PPC with no returns, the retailed had given up on paid search.

The Solution: Revamped PPC, keyword targeting, on-page optimization.



The Client: A fantasy sports websitefield-sport-ball-america

The Results: 3000% growth from 5,000 to 150,000 members.  During peak season, the company averaged a sale every 4 minutes.

The Problem: With just 5,000 members and limited revenue from ecommerce, the website was in danger of failing.

The Solution: On- and off-page optimization, PPC



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Graybill Medical Group

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California State University San Marcos

Titan Electronics

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Bellevue College

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Llyod’s Auto Body Specialist

Algebra Geometry

Nine Girls Ask

Radar Realty

Hope 4 Kids

Coast Science

Freedom Window Cleaning

Fantasy Football Starters

Fon Jon / Oceanside Pet Hotel

Private Investigative Group

Wellness Dental

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