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What does organic search mean? In a sense, “organic” means the same thing here as it does with food—they’re natural search results. The difference here isn’t fertilizer or chemicals though, it’s that organic search results are not paid links or advertisements. Pages with strong organic search rankings—the ones that appear on the first search engine results page—are the ones the search engines deem most relevant to the keywords being searched. For obvious reasons, web searchers typically trust the organic search results more than paid ads. In fact, research from GroupM UK and Nielsen found that users click on organic results as opposed to paid results 94% of the time.

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We then work meticulously to ensure that, in addition to keyword relevance, your site has all the hallmarks of a website search engines trust. A key element of this is link building. It’s important that other websites link to your site, but they also need to be the right sites. The Higher Power SEO team uses methods to build new links that will enhance your rankings, and to identify any “bad links” that might be hurting your site’s credibility. Though this process takes time, high-quality links go a long way toward establishing your site’s reputation with search engines.

Another area that can provide a huge boost to search rankings is fresh, relevant content. You should never think of your business’s website as 100% complete. Instead, it should be a work in progress, something that you can always build upon and improve. Content that is robust, reliable, and up-to-date attracts users and can provide a solid backbone for your SEO strategy. Adding new content through blogging, social media, and more, demonstrates to search engines that your site is growing and staying relevant, and it keeps users engaged and coming back.

Using SEO to get the best organic search results is like a positive feedback loop: Strategies like keyword targeting, link building, and content marketing boost your rankings, but you need to continue using them (and, as search engines update their algorithms, tweaking and improving them) to stay on top. No site can afford to rest on its laurels—there’s always another website gunning for that number one spot.

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At Higher Power SEO, we know how to optimize your site’s pages to target keywords that your potential customers are using when they search for your products or services. We start with keyword research and competitor analysis—after all, other sites are vying for those keywords, too. Looking not only at how to best reach your customers, but also identifying your competition’s strengths and weak points, helps us determine strategies to help your site get to the top of the search rankings and stay there.

At Higher Power SEO, we can develop SEO strategies that take your site to the top, and a plan for keeping it there. To learn more, call us today at 760-881-4736.