Make sure customers can find you.

How often do you find yourself looking for a new restaurant to try? Or say you need something repaired around the house—you aren’t going to scour the whole country for a plumber or carpenter. You’re going to do a local search, typing in “sushi restaurant Carlsbad,” or telling your phone, “Find a plumber near me.”

Exact estimates vary, but experts agree that this kind of local search makes up a substantial amount of search traffic. A 2014 study from ComScore found that nearly half of the local search users are looking for a business they’ve never made a purchase from before—that’s right, new customers are out there, and they’re looking for you. And when customers are searching for a local business, they’re usually prepared to make a purchase. That same ComScore study found that 78% of local searches performed on smartphones or other mobile devices resulted in a purchase, usually the same day.

Local SEO helps ensure that these potential customers can find you, no matter what device they’re using for their searches. Google dominates the local search landscape, and at Higher Power SEO we know how to make Google My Business—which provides your business’s listing information to Google Search and Google Maps—work for you. All of the search engines are competing for this local search traffic, providing users with robust results that can include maps, photos, reviews, directions, contact info, and hours. We can help you make sure that your business’s information is accurate and up to date, and that it gets in front of your potential customers.

Even customers who are right around the corner are likely to turn to the web to find your business, so visibility in search engine results for local searches is paramount. You might not be focused on local SEO, but your competitors probably are. Call Higher Power SEO today at 760-881-4736, or contact us here to learn more about how our local SEO experts can boost your business!