Inbound leads — people who have already shown a specific interest in your business’s products or services — make life much easier for your sales force. The web offers a myriad of potential leads (after all, pretty much everyone’s online!), but how can you ensure that your message is getting out in front of the right people, and that you’re obtaining quality leads that you can actually convert into customers?

At Higher Power SEO, we’re experienced at helping businesses learn how to reach the best prospects online, turn site visitors into leads, and maintain strong virtual relationships with existing customers. We know the best practices for online lead generation, from creating engaging page layouts to writing copy that gets potential customers to reach out to you.

Higher Power SEO can help your business with everything it needs to acquire not just visitors, but actionable leads. We utilize numerous channels to help you with lead generation, including…

  • Your site’s homepage: When it comes to finding new business, don’t make your main page a missed opportunity! We’ll make sure that your homepage performs well in search rankings, encourages visitors to stick around, and offers clear, compelling content.
  • Your site’s inner pages: Each webpage that offers a specific product or service is an opportunity for you to engage visitors who are looking for exactly what you’ve got. We can help you craft compelling content that will turn clicks into customers.
  • Your site’s blog: Fresh content isn’t just great for your search rankings — it’s also a way to keep regular clients coming back and engaging with your business. Blog posts are also a great strategy for getting your business in front of new customers, with the ability to target keywords your site might otherwise miss (not to mention the reach of social media). We can help you come up with a content strategy that will enable you to maximize all of this potential.
  • Landing pages: We are pros when it comes to designing landing pages (webpages that exist primarily to capture leads). Higher Power SEO can develop enticing copy, create offers potential clients will want to grab, and design forms that will allow your salespeople to clearly identify and act on these inbound leads.
  • Customer relationship management: Whether you need to turn your leads into sales, or you want to maintain your existing client relationships, we can help you keep in touch with customers new and old with email marketing, social media content, and more. Higher Power SEO pros can train your staff to leverage automated e-mail campaigns and more to help you get the most out of your investment.

New customers are out there, and with our online lead generation strategies, Higher Power SEO can help your business obtain high quality inbound leads and close more deals. Ready to learn more about how our lead generation services can help grow your business? Call us at 760-881-4736, or contact us and we’ll get in touch with you!

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