The world of online video can seem daunting, and at times downright silly, but there’s much more to it than clips of cute pets and the latest dance craze. Video can actually be a vital tool in boosting your search rankings and in generating more conversions.

Here’s why. Research firm Searchmetrics has documented that roughly 62% of search engine results pages now include video results, with thumbnails that allow users to preview the videos (and make the results that much more prominent). Publishing video on your site can help land you in this prime location—Forrester Research estimates that your business site is 53% more likely to get a page one ranking on Google if the site boasts video. Well-ranked videos draw eyeballs—and clicks.

No matter what industry you’re in, online video can help you connect with your potential customers. A well-produced video can be the next best thing to meeting you in person, seeing a product in real life, or visiting your shop. While meeting thousands of prospective clients in person would be a dubious proposition, with video, new leads can “virtually” meet you 24/7. Once you’ve made the short-term investment in producing a video, long-term it’s saving you time and money, all the while generating new conversions. After customers have gotten to “know you” online and have a more personal connection to your business, they’re more likely to want to buy from you.

At Higher Power SEO, our media professionals can work with you to create compelling video about you or your business. We offer many professional production options including HD and widescreen formatting, storyboarding and scripting, studio lighting, broadcast-quality audio recording, and transcription. We’ll also post it on YouTube and help you promote it both on your site and via social media to ensure your video gets out in front of your target audience.

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