surprise! There's a new search engine in town

Bing: It’s a Thing

When we talk about search engines, you wouldn’t be too far off if you simply read it as “Google.” And let’s be honest — we do spend a lot of time talking about Google, given its dominance in the search world. Google remains by far the world’s top search engine, and in most cases, other…

snapping a selfie

Meet the New Social Networks

There’s come to be a fairly predictable life cycle for social networking platforms, and—as with music and fashion trends—teens and 20somethings are both the early adopters and the first to abandon ship. Even though Facebook has become established enough to be something of an exception, its mainstream usage has seen an exodus of younger users.…

was there a penguin update january 2016

The March of the Phantom Penguins

If you keep close tabs on your search rankings, you may have noticed that there was a major shakeup recently—Saturday January 9th, to be precise. Folks in the SEO world have been waiting for a Penguin update for a long time, but this wasn’t it. Was it another Phantom update? Though Google has officially confirmed…

google local guides

Want to Work for Google? You’re Hired!

Google recently launched yet another initiative to bolster Google Maps. While still the undisputed leader in search, if we’ve learned anything from the Mystery of the Missing Mall, it’s that Google’s not quite as all-seeing and all-knowing as we often think. Plus, while Apple Maps was initially underwhelming—like issuing a corporate apology bad—it’s become much…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Best wishes for a happy, healthy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Higher Power SEO!

HOLIDAY HOURS: Our offices will be closed Nov. 26-27 in observance of the holiday. We’ll return to normal business hours on Monday, Nov. 30.

what you should know about links

A Basic Primer on Links

When you hear the word “links,” chances are the first thing you think of are what used to be called hyperlinks—the stuff you click on to get from one webpage to another. (Well, unless you’re a golfer.) We all pretty much get what a link is: A clickable URL (this stands for Uniform Resource Locator…